Design Smart. Build Smart.

Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services
RFID, Magnetics, & Memory Products

Design Smart. Build Smart.
Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services
RFID, Magnetics, & Memory Products
Design Smart. Build Smart.
Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services
RFID, Magnetics, & Memory Products
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Backed by 40+ Years of Experience

Syrma specializes in collaboration: whether you’re an iconic brand or a visionary startup, we’ll partner with your product team to deliver top-notch electronics manufacturing services (EMS), co-developing optimal electronics design, engineering, and production solutions. We’ll enable you to stay ahead of competitors while reducing your development costs and effectively managing risk. We provide a proactive partnership experience for OEMs, offering modern EMS capabilities, backed by a 40-year legacy of innovative electronics excellence by Tandon Group companies. We specialize in high-mix, flexible-volume precision manufacturing, as well as designing custom RFID solutions (tags, readers, and software).

We’ve met global OEM standards for numerous products, including disk drives, memory modules, power supplies, etc. Within the last decade, we’ve provided design, manufacture, and shipping to market of over 200 million product units worldwide. We sustain long-term global partnerships to fit our clients’ unique needs, including inventory management and hubbing, fully coordinating factory-to-market logistics. We have two manufacturing facilities located in Chennai that are strategically located within India’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs), eliminating domestic tariffs while providing other incentives, including fast-track customs clearances and zero duties for import and export.

We have a combined total of 120,000 sq ft for our two facilities in Chennai. We also have a new facility in Bawal that’s exclusively for our domestic clients and it’s located within a Domestic Tariff Area (DTA). Both of our main locations have manual assembly and/or SMT line workers, engineers, and managers. All of our facilities can easily handle global exports and are close to major air and sea ports. They’re also 100% RoHS compliant and fully certified for international quality standards. These advantages uniquely position us to quickly deliver exceptional quality products at significant cost savings for every Syrma client.

Chennai SEZ Flagship EMS Facility

Bawal DTA Domestic EMS Facility

Your Global Manufacturing Partner

Over the years, we’ve cultivated an extensive supply ecosystem to keep our material costs as low as possible. Since we manufacture in India with minimal reliance on costly additional imports, we offer distinct advantages in lead time, quality, and production flexibility within cost-conscious objectives of our clients. We’re uniquely positioned to assist global OEMs in capitalizing on opportunities presented by the India’s expanding domestic market. We’ve identified strategic locations to develop and bring online world-class facilities in dedicated, co-developed SEZs. These SEZs and IT parks are designed to offer our own facilities, along with infrastructure provided by our partners to ensure time to market.

In addition to serving as their global manufacturing partner, we help our clients successfully bring products and services to the Indian market. Our management team is extensively engaged with both industry and government leaders in India. These relationships can be leveraged to assist OEMs in navigating the often complex sales channel to enable our mutual success. We’ve developed an infrastructure that’s uniquely positioned to assist global clients to explore growth opportunities presented by India’s vast domestic market.

Product Design


RFID Solutions

Other Products

We make your product development from the drawing board to the marketplace easy and fast. Our collaborative process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, and distributed in the best possible way to give you the greatest ROI and edge over your competition.

Our talented designers will collaborate with your team to create products based on your specifications, within an objective framework. We use proven turnkey methodologies to reduce costs and ensure all objectives are met, as well as maintain existing product functionality and quality.

RFID technology is rapidly being deployed to help track, protect, measure, and monitor assets. Our RFID solutions, products, and services include extensive custom tags, readers, and software to develop solutions in asset tracking, product authentication, and performance measurement.

From multi-layer printed circuit board assembly to supplying components for your new product concept or a refresh of an existing design, our end-to-end design process and scalable production capabilities enable us to meet requirements on cost and performance, as well as save your team time.

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