Failure Analysis

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Detecting & Correcting Electronic Failure

Syrma SGS Technology provides flawless quality assurance (QA), including testing via our proprietary custom-designed test equipment. Our failure analysis (FA) services pinpoint and correct root causes of electrical defects by simulating real-world operating conditions for our PCBA and OEM product builds. We use a built-in bed-of-nails fixture for standalone PCBs, as well as an additional custom-designed flexible probe apparatus for checking boards following conformal coating protection and unit installation. Our test equipment can be configured to simulate operating conditions in the field, ensuring optimal product performance, even under the most extreme parameters, and applies standard QA tests, such as in-line ICT/MDA checks and optical/x-ray inspections. We offer comprehensive electronic failure analysis of printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed wiring boards (PWBs), integrated circuits, memory chips, and other components.

Our certified technicians analyze devices, assemblies, and parts for common defects, such as corrosion, thermal fatigue, and connector failures. They repair and retest PCB, embedded firmware, and components to ensure they return to their original out-of-the-box functionality. Our company specializes in detecting specific electronics defects, such as generalized corrosion, plated through-hole failures, microstructural characterization, and electrical contact problems. We provide an internal or cosmetic replacement, such as adding or replacing circuits and swapping mechanical components and outer casings. Our engineers have extensive experience analyzing and correcting chronic electronics malfunctions.

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