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RFID Authentication Tags

Product counterfeiting has become a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. Syrma delivers a custom line of tiny embedded RFID inlays, transponders, and coils that easily identify authentic products against inferior knock-offs. From designer handbags to electronics, trusted brands turn to RFID product authentication to help protect the integrity of themselves, retailers, and consumers.

10mm Epoxy Tag
sku#: ST064 (E3, P7, K3)
12mm Epoxy Tag
sku#: ST083 (K3)
download (3)
12mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST086 (K6)
download (7)
2mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST090 (K11)
download (8)
3mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST091 (K11)
download (13)
4mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST402 (K10)
5mm Epoxy Tag
sku#: ST066 (E3, P7, K4)
download (6)
5mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST089 (K9)
download (14)
5mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST257 (K8)
download (9)
5mm LF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST092 (K12)
7mm Epoxy Tag
sku#: sku#: ST065 (E3, P7, K4)
download (11)
7mm LF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST114 (K12)
download (12)
8mm LF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST118 (k12)
download (4)
9mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST087 (K7)
download (5)
9mm HF Mini Inlay
sku#: ST088 (K7)
download (15)
Cylindrical Mini Coil
sku#: ST256 (K13)
download (2)
Ferrite Mini Tag
sku#: ST085 (K5)
download (1)
Ferrite Mini Tag
sku#: ST084 (K5)
download (18)
Lightweight Insect Tag
sku#: ST253 (K18)
download (10)
Precision Pickup Coil
sku#: ST093 (K17)
download (16)
Rectangular Mini Coil
sku#: ST255 (K14)
download (17)
Transformer Mini Coil
sku#: ST254 (K15)
Syrma SGS TechnologyRFID Product Authentication Tags