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Benefits of Using Cleanrooms for Electronics Manufacturing

A tiny particle of dust on certain products can be very damaging, which is why OEMs cannot risk particulate contamination when it comes to manufacturing certain electronics like camera modules, night vision devices, and precision ...
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RFID Tracks Elderly Dementia Patients in Residential Care

At nursing homes or assisted-living communities, which specialize in serving elderly dementia patients, the single most troubling day-to-day problem revolves around disoriented patients deciding they want to go home and quietly leaving the facility on ...
Electronics Manufacturing: Startups Welcome Here

Electronics Manufacturing: Startups Welcome Here

Our CEO, Sreeram Srinivasan, shares his thoughts on product development partnerships with an underserved market segment: India’s electronics startups. We’ve observed how most hardware startups never seem to have an easy time taking their initial product ...
Paying with smartphone in restaurant

Using NFC Technology for Contactless Credit Cards

It’s hard to think of anything consumers are more paranoid of than credit card fraud. Once their card number falls into the wrong hands and their next statement is filled with hefty unknown purchases, disputing ...
Special Tax Incentives for Manufacturing in India

Special Tax Incentives for Manufacturing in India

In recent years, the Indian government has implemented a number of tax incentives for manufacturers. These incentives were created by the Make in India program and the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which are expected to increase the ...
New RFID Technology Used By Tire Manufacturers

New RFID Technology Used By Tire Manufacturers

We're well aware that RFID is a big booster for Industry 4.0, especially with helping in generating and gathering large volumes of data to support decisions with intelligence. The global tire industry reached 19.25M tonnes ...
Auto Parts_1200x315

India’s Booming Auto-Parts Manufacturing Market

Over the last few years, India’s auto-parts industry has experienced significant growth. This industry accounts for 2.3% of India’s GDP and employs as many as 1.5M people. In 2017, the total value of India’s auto-part ...
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NFC & RFID Technology for Smart Payment Rings

Smart payment rings offer an efficient, secure way to make transactions. Users hold their hand over a tag reader, which is programmed with their bank information. The withdrawals occur automatically because smart payment rings literally ...
Bargur 823x315

Syrma Pioneered Success in Untapped Rural Bargur

2011 saw a watershed moment at Syrma that would vastly improve our manufacturing operations. Our primary facility, in Chennai, India, where more than 1,000 workers assemble custom magnetics, high-mix RFID solutions, PCB assemblies, and more, ...
IoT-Based Technology Protects the Marine Environment

IoT-Based Technology Protects the Marine Environment

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and include deep oceans to coastal reefs, from mudflats to seagrass beds, ocean, and marine systems. This unique marine environment provides us with food and oxygen, along with ...
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