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Syrma Creates Embedded Camera Imaging Components

A global concept-to-product development services company sought an end-to-end manufacturing solution for the dense assembly of fine pitch components, including leadless packages and system-on-module (SOM) for use in embedded camera modules, USB camera boards, and ...
Antenna 823x315

Syrma Launches Cellular Phone Antennas in India

We set up local supply chains and manufacturing processes to reduce costs for businesses looking to launch their mobile phone antennas in the Indian market. This reduction in manufacturing cost allowed our clients to stay ...
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Syrma Re-Engineers Vehicle Safety Lighting Systems

Low visibility, tired drivers, and reduced reaction times make nighttime the most dangerous time to work. Making it home in one piece requires vigilance, nerves of steel, and a good-sized set of LED vehicle safety ...
Bike 823x315

Syrma Designs RFID Solution for Bike-Sharing Program

As major cities increasingly explore green alternatives to urban gridlock and smog-creating carbon emissions, bike-sharing services, unmanned street corner kiosks holding smart bikes for temporary rental, are rapidly gaining popularity, projected to become a $6 ...
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  • Technology Behind Battery Management Systems 
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifiers
  • RFID Tracking Helps Prevent Lost Luggage by Airlines
    Suitcases multicolor stacked for transport one above the other
  • Every Drop Counts: IoT-Enabled Smart Water Meters
    Water 823x315
  • Advantages of Using RFID Tags Instead of Barcodes
  • Syrma Creates Test Equipment for Tank Viewfinders
    Testing 823x315
  • Syrma Develops Eco-Friendly HVACR Components
    Syrma-Eco-Friendly HVACR Components-Blog
  • Syrma Designs RFID Tags for Industrial Safety Harnesses
    Syrma-Cost-Effective RFID Tags for Industrial Safety Harness Equipment-Banner
  • Syrma Creates Proprietary End-of-Line PCB Tester Equipment
  • Syrma Designs Custom Switched Mode Power Supplies
    SMPS 823x315_1
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