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Growing Demand for Different Solar Power Electronics 

The sun emits sufficient power to earth each second to satisfy the entire human energy for more than two hours. This readily available and renewable source of energy is utilized negligibly and until 2018 contributed less than 2% of the world’s energy needs.

Current Robotic Consumer Electronics Market Trends

Robotic automation has been a revolutionary technology in the manufacturing sector for some time. In recent days, the collaborative robot (COBOTs) space is growing and by 2025 it’s expected to reach 34% of all industrial robots sold.

How to Safeguard IoT Devices Against Cyber Attack

Each of those billions of new IoT devices represents a potential weak link to gain backdoor access to larger, more critical areas of cyberspace, beyond simple Internet access, compromising hospital, and government data networks, even potentially crippling major utility grids via a cyber attack.