Case Studies

Syrma Creates Proprietary End-of-Line PCB Tester

Our PCB tester is used for our PCB and OEM product builds, ensuring top quality for every unit shipped to our clients while anticipating performance and reliability under real-world field conditions.

Xrays 823x315

Syrma Designs Sensors for Dental Digital Imaging Systems

Dentists' latest dental digital imaging systems utilize a digital sensor to take dental x-rays from inside a patient’s mouth, producing highly detailed digital images that enable dentists to make accurate diagnoses. 

Phone3 823x315

Syrma Creates Power Supplies for Phone Base Stations

A recent client needed a power supply product that could stream clean, uninterrupted power to mobile phone base stations. These base stations were installed in areas where power was often unreliable, experiencing surges, fluctuations, and noise that could severely disrupt the proper functioning of the base unit.