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IESA Announces New Executive Council for 2021

IESA has been instrumental in working with the central and state government to bring out favorable policies to enable Indian electronics and semiconductor sector by driving numerous initiatives to bring awareness in the policy makers.

Syrma Provides Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)

Syrma aspires to be a partner choice for start-ups to super-brands through its Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) offerings in electronics design, tester development, quick prototype development, and manufacturing.

Syrma Banks on e-Vehicles & IoT for Next Phase of Growth

The global pandemic may have slowed Syrma Technology’s plans, but the manufacturer has seen a steady growth after re-starting its operations from July last year. The Rs 75-crore investment committed through an MoU with the TN government at the Global Investors Meet is being fulfilled, said its CEO Sreeram Srinivasan.

Growing Women Workforce in Electronics Manufacturing

The pandemic has induced reverse migration of outstation workers, forcing some manufacturers to rethink the hiring strategy. However, the industry is currently facing a skills gap as a large chunk of the talented women workforce remains untapped.

Smart Home Lighting Systems: Save Energy & Money

In 2016, total global energy came from 80% of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum). 6% of greenhouse emissions derive from energy used for lighting. Globally, 19% of electricity use is for commercial and residential lighting.

PCB Chat: Sreeram Srinivasan of Syrma Technology

Sreeram Srinivasan speaks with PCB Chat host Mike Buetow about Syrma Technology's place in the EMS sector, its growth plans, and his experiences doing business in the Indian electronics market.