Product Design

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Collaborative Product Design

Syrma SGS Technology designers will collaborate with your team to create products based on your criteria for successful launches that are fast-to-market. We use proven methodologies to reduce costs, ensure all objectives are met, and establish the highest possible product quality. During design iteration, we provide fast turnaround and effectively manage prototyping through mass production to reduce risks. Each manufacturing project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a client advocate on the factory floor. We conduct a design feasibility study and team review via our stage-gate New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

We use customer input and product requirements to generate product design specifications. We provide overall block-level architecture design and identification of key components/building blocks and circuit design for specific controller/processor/DSP/FPGA. Our design services include component engineering, BOM, and AVL finalization DFx engineering, PCB layout, mechanical enclosure design, system interconnect diagram, and cable harness development. It also includes environmental testing (in-house/third-party facilities) and EMC compliance/safety and regulatory certifications (working with test labs).

New Product Introduction

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