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India’s Top Electronics Hardware Manufacturer Potential

Mass production of electronic hardware begins with one successful prototype design. From a large-scale hardware manufacturer to an emerging startup, this step is most crucial to success. It aids in the visualization, design, and performance of a product and gives a complete picture. Syrma SGS Technology, an iconic EMS manufacturer from Chennai, has been helping customers to design great hardware products with their advanced in-house design capabilities and fast rapid prototyping services. Their motive is to help companies to go to the market soon with a finished product. Dr. Sreeram Srinivasan, CEO, Syrma SGS Technology, spoke to Vaishali Umredkar of Electronics Maker about its vision and innovative services for the electronics industry.

Would you please share an overview of Syrma and your role in the organization?

Syrma is a partner for high-mix global electronics hardware manufacturing services. We provide global OEMs with world-class electronics manufacturing services backed by nearly 40 years of strong engineering and manufacturing services. From custom RFID technology and magnetics to turnkey design and manufacturing services, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume production spanning multiple verticals, including IoT, medical, automotive, telecom, networking, industrial, power, and other electronic sectors. Syrma has its footprint established with state-of-the-art facilities at Chennai and Bawal and operates from Bargur near Bangalore. Syrma also has established four other satellite plants in TN to promote the employment of rural women and empower them. Syrma is in the process of merging with SGS Tekniks, an equalized company, to become an Rs1000 Cr entity post-merger to enhance our geography, capacity, and capability footprints.

My primary role when I started in 2015 was to turn around the company profitably. Syrma has witnessed 500% growth in the last 6 years and became profitable within 18 months of coming on board in its manufactured products,

  • Syrma has a vision of establishing company and brand as a thought leader in the ESDM space and to make Syrma a partner of choice from startups to super-brands
  • Nurture relationships with key stakeholders by prioritizing design and development, product innovation and establish relations with major global players
  • Boosting employee morale and encourage empowerment and opportunities for rural women by focusing on care and concern, safety, pay parity and providing safe working spaces for them

How does Syrma provide Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) to emerging companies and entrepreneurs in India?

Over the last decade alone, we have helped manufacture and bring to market more than 300 million product units worldwide. Our RFID, magnetics, memory, electromechanical, and IoT products are custom designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We develop custom solutions to integrate with and optimize your existing product lines, leading to faster time-to-market with greater cost savings.

Can you shed some light on Syrma’s rapid prototyping service?

Quick prototyping support is key to customers for proving their designs or prototypes before they refine their products and flag off bulk production. Our support to the Indian start-ups is also critical as it allows them to refine their product concepts iteratively. Our Concept co-creation initiative also rides on our ability to design products for our customers from an idea or concept they discuss with us and give them the first parts for their testing and trials. The quick turn-around of these parts is an important facet, with parts made within 4 to 6 weeks, including procurement of all components.

How does Syrma help hardware startups unlock their full potential for better products?

In Syrma, we have successfully set up 2018 the Zone of Autonomous Creation (ZAC), a quick prototyping facility dedicated to design companies, chipset designers (reference designs), and startups. The uniqueness of ZAC is that it’s fully autonomous and independent of our mass production shops and also reports to our sales and marketing function. Further, it has a dedicated line for PCB assembly with an autonomous team with procurement, process, quality, and NPI (new product introduction) engineers. It has its own stores for components independent of the main plant. Thus, we help startups, and mainstream product companies quickly convert their ideas into high-quality parts. Our co-founder Mr. Sandeep Tandon is also an active angel investor supporting a wide range of start-ups in India. Timely support at times of need would be a critical success factor for these start-ups, in addition to quick support on small volume high-quality electronics.

Would you please tell us about Syrma’s vision for the EMS industry in India?

We, as a generation, have a great opportunity to put India in the top 3 of global electronics hardware manufacturing powerhouses in the next 8 to 10 years. Make in India. The government has come forward very proactively to support this with the required incentives and initiatives. It’s now for us in the Industry to take advantage of the emerging geopolitics and the government’s support to make it all happen. Our merger with SGS Tekniks is also a step in this direction and sums up our approach towards this vision.

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Syrma SGS TechnologyIndia’s Top Electronics Hardware Manufacturer Potential

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