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Syrma-DNA 823X315

Syrma Develops RFID Tags for Mobile DNA Analysis

Modern DNA science has revolutionized law enforcement and military field operations, revealing the identities of criminals or terrorists, or quickly exonerating the innocent, as well as correctly identifying human remains. One US-based company has developed ...
Xrays 823x315

Syrma Designs Sensors for Dental Digital Imaging Systems

Dentists' latest dental digital imaging systems utilize a digital sensor to take dental x-rays from inside a patient’s mouth, producing highly detailed digital images that enable dentists to make accurate diagnoses. Unfortunately, these scanners, built in ...

Syrma Designs RFID Tag & Software for Denture ID

A global dental prosthetics maker envisioned a new method for identifying and tracking dentures, from the point of manufacture at the lab to end-use among residents at nursing homes and other care facilities. While 23 ...

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