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COVID Pandemic Pains: Coping with the New Normal

India is in the middle of a devastating second COVID-19 wave. Last year, the biggest challenge IT companies faced was in transitioning employees to a remote work model. This time around, the focus has been ...

India’s Top Electronics Hardware Manufacturer Potential

Mass production of electronic hardware begins with one successful prototype design. From a large-scale hardware manufacturer to an emerging startup, this step is most crucial to success. It aids in the visualization, design, and performance ...

COVID-19 Pandemic isn’t the Cause for Chip Shortage

In this exclusive interview with Rakesh Rao, Dr. Sreeram Srinivasan, CEO of Syrma Technology, explains the reasons behind the current chip supply crisis and shares his growth plans for Syrma. Chip shortage has been in ...

Our Core Values Drive Our Actions: Sreeram Srinivasan

Tell us more about Syrma's business and core values: Syrma technology is a reliable partner for global electronics design and manufacturing services with high core values. We provide global OEMs with world-class electronics manufacturing services ...

India’s Ability to Gain Global Manufacturing Clients

In a conversation with YourStory, Sreeram Srinivasan, CEO, Syrma Technology, talks about the impact of COVID on the global manufacturing industry, how they're supporting startups, and the way ahead. The second wave of the novel coronavirus ...
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  • ADAS Electronic Components for Autonomous Vehicles
  • RFID Provides Better Hospital Equipment Tracking
    Equip 823x315
  • India is Emerging as a Global Manufacturer for Startups
    Tech 823x315
  • NFC & RFID Contactless Access Control Solutions
  • NB-IoT-Enabled Devices Make Everything Smarter
  • Syrma Creates Test Equipment for Tank Viewfinders
    Testing 823x315
  • Syrma Develops Eco-Friendly HVACR Components
    Syrma-Eco-Friendly HVACR Components-Blog
  • Syrma Designs RFID Tags for Industrial Safety Harnesses
    Syrma-Cost-Effective RFID Tags for Industrial Safety Harness Equipment-Banner
  • Syrma Creates Proprietary End-of-Line PCB Tester Equipment
  • Syrma Designs Custom Switched Mode Power Supplies
    SMPS 823x315_1
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