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Manufacturing Electronic Products

The foundation of any successful electronic product is reliable, top-quality components. From multi-layer printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to supplying the essential building blocks of your new product concept or a refresh of an existing design, Syrma offers the clearest pathway toward a solid foothold in your marketplace. Our end-to-end design process and scalable production capabilities enable us to meet client requirements on cost and quality. We develop products right the first time, delivering world-class engineering design services. Each project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a customer advocate on the factory floor.

We manufacture standard or custom-designed RFID tags, readers, and custom software for asset tracking, product authentication, performance measurement, etc. We also make high-volume custom magnetic assemblies: chokes, coils, inductors, and transformers, as well as memory devices for a wide-ranging product portfolio in addition to custom products designed to customer specifications. Our standard memory products are modules, USB flash drives, and chip testing solutions. Industries we specialize in include industrial, medical, and telecom.

Our talented electronic design team responds to every customer’s unique challenges with innovative solutions that provide a competitive edge, leveraging our product expertise and deep knowledge of the markets we serve. We provide a full product lifecycle solution, accelerating your product design cycles without compromising intellectual property (IP) or market position. Our team also manages supply chain coordination, forecasting, and production planning. We offer outbound & reverse logistics management, custom tailored repair services, end-of-life product cycle management, and warranty repair for each product.


RFID Readers



We offer high-performance LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags designed for extended use for even the harshest conditions, along with air coil/ferrite transponders available in glass or clear laminate encapsulations for embedded or external tagging of any asset.

Our versatile USB or audio jack, multi-protocol RFID readers cap off our end-to-end RFID solutions, easily adapting your PC or mobile device to directly program, scan, and record our LF/HF/UHF tags and transponders. They connect with iOS and Android devices.

Syrma’s magnetic components include transformers, inductors, and chokes. Our inductors operate over a range of frequencies, input voltages, and values; and our chokes protect circuits from high-frequency alternating current and allow for low-frequency direct current.

We supply customized high-capacity USB flash drives in different shapes and sizes, 100% tested and in OEM packaging. Our JEDEC-compliant DDR2 and DDR3 modules are rigorously tested and checked for compatibility, such as DIMM and SODIMM.

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