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Manufacturing Electronic Products

Syrma SGS Technology develops products right the first time, delivering world-class engineering design services. Each project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a customer advocate on the factory floor. We manufacture standard or custom-designed RFID tags, readers, custom software for asset tracking, product authentication, performance measurement, etc. We also make high-volume custom magnetic assemblies: chokes, coils, inductors, and transformers, as well as memory products. We provide a complete product lifecycle solution, accelerating your product design cycles without compromising intellectual property (IP) or market position. Our team also manages supply chain coordination, forecasting, and production planning.

We offer outbound & reverse logistics management, custom-tailored repair services, end-of-life product cycle management, and warranty repair for each product. Syrma helps our clients successfully bring products and services to the Indian market. Our management team is extensively engaged with both Indian industry and government leaders. These relationships can be leveraged to assist OEMs in navigating the often complex sales channel to enable our mutual success.

World-Class Design & Engineering


Syrma SGS designs LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags, along with ferrite transponders for embedded or external tagging.

RFID Readers

USB or audio jack, multi-protocol RFID readers work with our LF/HF/UHF tags & transponders; iOS & Android devices.


Syrma SGS designs magnetic transformers, inductors, & chokes that for a range of frequencies & voltages to protect circuits.


We supply high-capacity USB flash drives in different shapes & sizes; our JEDEC-compliant DDR2 & DDR3 modules are tested.

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