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Product Prototyping Service

Syrma’s Zone of Autonomous Creation (ZAC) division is located in our main Chennai manufacturing facility. It supports our clients by creating small volume prototyping quickly and efficiently. This division helps startups and other companies that need high-quality prototypes quickly produced at a low to medium volume under a stringent process and quality control environment. ZAC enables our co-creation initiative and helps our clients to effectively take concepts and ideas into a physical product that can be tested and put to trial use. It aids clients with shorter lead-time requirements and must test multiple designed components before mass-producing a product. We have dedicated state-of-the-art backend lines, a raw materials store, and a prototyping team.

For each prototype, we test for manufacturability and mass production via custom-developed functional and system-level testing. Our clients have access to our global supply chain network to source components for prototyping at competitive pricing and quick customs clearance formalities for raw materials due to our SEZ location. This service delivers shorter prototype lead times and support for low-volume orders with flexibility in design revisions and upgrades. Our ideal delivery time target for each prototype is 4-6 weeks from its clear order date, up to a third of the amount of time it typically takes to produce a new prototype.

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