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Comprehensive Electronics Refurbishment

Syrma SGS Technology provides a complete electronics refurbishment service to meet the growing demand for devices refurbished comparably to their original out-of-the-box factory state. We’ll go the extra mile by assessing cosmetics and exchanging outer parts and casings as needed, including full touchscreens when required. Our capabilities include a complete wipe of complex drive content and restoration of original software and factory settings, essential to safeguard providers from dangerous consumer legal liabilities. We take all necessary steps to refresh the unit internally and externally for resale or reissue. Our internal or cosmetic refurbish service includes adding or replacing circuits and swapping mechanical components and outer casings. And, our modification service provides comprehensive board-level enhancements, including circuit modification of outer and inner layers, drill, etch, fill, and redrill of tooling holes.

We also offer end-to-end engineering services to complement your in-house design team, delivering timely, cost-conscious solutions to match your unique specifications. Syrma’s team provides flawless quality assurance (QA), including testing via our proprietary custom-designed test equipment. We offer additional services, such as: applying labels containing the part number, adding new serial numbers and regulatory information, polishing and wiping clean the unit and LCM to protect the film, and repackaging the device and accessories. Our IPC7711/7721 certified technicians are experienced in analyzing both mainstream assembly methods, such as surface mount and through-hole, and specialized processes, including BGA reballing, leadless chip carrier rework, and jumper/white wire services.

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