RFID Applications

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Innovative RFID Applications

Wireless asset tracking systems are revolutionizing day-to-day operations across numerous vertical industries. Syrma SGS Technology brings together our RFID tags, readers, and custom software to develop leading-edge RFID applications for access control monitoring, animal identification, healthcare tracking, inventory management, product authentication, vehicle sharing programs, etc. As with all Syrma SGS tags, they can be optimized for specific applications. All tags are designed with performance and quality in mind. Some tags can be designed for added water resistance, and most allow for surface printing and branding. As with all Syrma tags, they can be optimized for specific applications.

Access Control Monitoring

Access control monitoring RFID technology enables secure access control for a wide variety of facilities, including health clubs and theme parks and high-security areas such as hospitals and airports, along with vehicle access applications. Syrma, access control tags may be embedded within key fobs, wristbands, ISO cards, clamshell cards, and vehicle mount tags.

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Animal Identification

RFID tagging is ideal for tracking and properly tending to live animals over various distances from cattle and other livestock to protected wildlife. Learn more about Syrma’s large selection of RFID animal tags, including specialized ear tags and cattle tags.

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Healthcare Tracking

RFID-based healthcare technologies enable hospitals to track onsite material assets more efficiently, including equipment, instruments, and supplies, while monitoring patients, lab work, and access to restricted areas. Syrma is already partnering with makers of surgical instruments to co-develop viable RFID tracking technology.

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Inventory Management

Point-and-scan RFID tagging has supplanted barcoding as the most efficient option for tracking larger quantities of items in heavy industrial settings, such as stacks of pallets in a warehouse. Syrma provides durable RFID tags designed to deliver reliable performance in the most rugged commercial environments. Our RFID laundry tags have successfully automated large-scale cleaning of uniforms and other textile goods while withstanding harsh detergents over hundreds of wash cycles.

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Product Authentication

How do manufacturers combat a $1.7B pandemic of international product counterfeiting from prestigious luxury goods to crucial machine parts? Protect your brand’s integrity from poor-quality knock-offs with cost-effective scannable RFID product authentication tagging. Embedded Syrma tags can add a forgery-proof digital fingerprint to assure consumers purchase the genuine article.

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Vehicle-Sharing Programs

In cities from New York to Guadalajara, urban bike-sharing services are becoming popular, eco-friendly alternative transportation. Tracking hundreds of bikes across town and efficiently processing mobile payments can’t happen without advanced RFID technology. Syrma HF tags and readers became the network backbone for one successful multi-city bike-sharing provider.

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