RFID Solutions

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RFID Solutions for IoT

Durable, reliable RFID tags and readers are the core building blocks of wireless IoT applications in today’s interconnected world. Syrma SGS Technology develops RFID tags, readers, and software for access control monitoring, inventory management, product authentication, etc. We design, engineer, and manufacture RFID tags in multiple encapsulations (clear, epoxy, glass, and molded) spanning all standard wavelengths (LF, HF, and UHF). Our RFID tags are optimized for specific applications, such as added water resistance, and most allow for surface printing and branding.

We offer a complete catalog of high-performance epoxy or silicone tags designed for extended use under even the harshest conditions, along with air coil/ferrite transponders available in glass or clear laminate encapsulations. This broad spectrum of sizes and form factors offers the perfect choice for embedded or external tagging of any asset or product. We also design multi-protocol, custom-made RFID readers compatible with standard tags and connect with iOS and Android devices. Our readers are compliant with global ISO standards, reflecting 40 years of quality electronics expertise.

Custom RFID Solutions


Syrma SGS designs LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags, along with ferrite transponders for embedded or external tagging.

RFID Readers

USB or audio jack, multi-protocol RFID readers work with our LF/HF/UHF tags & transponders; iOS & Android devices.

RFID Software

Syrma SGS works with our clients to develop custom software for our RFID tags and readers, which is used for their specific applications.


We develop leading-edge RFID applications for access control monitoring, inventory management, product authentication, etc.

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