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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Syrma SGS Technology uses state-of-the-art equipment and IPC-certified operators at our locations. Each project has a dedicated point-of-contact and a client advocate on the factory floor. Our team assembles board & box-builds, printed circuit boards, and complete products. We provide supply chain coordination, outbound and reverse logistics management, forecast, and production planning. Our clients have access to our global supply chain network to source components at competitive pricing and quick customs clearance formalities for raw materials due to our SEZ location. We provide cost-competitive sourcing for metals/plastics & fabrication.

Our aftermarket services include: rework, repair, refurbish, re-engineer, end-of-life product cycle management, and warranty repair. All orders are ready for shipping with firmware and software loading, along with final configuration validation and testing. We provide commercial or custom packaging for specific clients. Products are shipped with accessories and manuals as required. We offer multiple shipping options: one-piece flow models for volume orders or one-off models for minor order support. We also provide custom-tailored repair services, end-of-life product cycle management, logistics management, and warranty repair.

End-to-End Product Solutions

Product Design

Syrma SGS’s collaborative process gets your product designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured, & distributed for the greatest ROI.


Produces high-quality prototypes quickly at a low to medium volume under a stringent process & quality control environment.


Use proven turnkey methodologies to reduce costs, ensure all objectives are met, & maintain existing product functionality & quality.


Provides analysis & repair of PCB, BGA, embedded firmware, & components to ensure they return to original format.

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