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Supply Chain Management

Syrma SGS Technology maximizes value creation at each step of the supply chain to optimize costs. Our supply chain management is fully integrated, from sourcing silicon raw materials to OEM components shipped to our facilities. Constant monitoring of price, quality, and on-time delivery provide a holistic view of supplier performance. Our dedicated commodity specialists ensure steady inventories of critical components and subassemblies, including safety stock for critical sole source/single definition components. Geographic redundancy is considered when selecting secondary sources. Production of critical mechanical subassemblies is co-located within Syrma facilities by subcontractors or located in close vicinity. We coordinate a flexible combination of OEM and distributors to ensure an efficient, streamlined supply flow.

We develop global partnerships to support client needs, inventory management, and hubbing, coordinating full-cycle fulfillment to direct ship to client endpoints. We can fulfill in India while competitively optimizing taxes, import duties, and VAT. Our primary facility is located within a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), eliminating domestic tariffs while providing other generous incentives, including fast-track customs clearances for all products entering and leaving the SEZ, with zero duties for import and export. Our main facility in Chennai is near significant air and seaports for rapid, cost-competitive worldwide exports.

Benefits of Our SEZ Location

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