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Police 823x315

Syrma Manufactures High-Performance Vehicle Lights

One of the world’s leading OEM brands of electronic safety equipment produces a line of high-performance vehicle lights, including LED warning signals and directional beacons, commonly installed on fire engines, police cars, and recreational off-road ...
Light 823x315

Syrma Re-Engineers Vehicle Safety Lighting Systems

Low visibility, tired drivers, and reduced reaction times make nighttime the most dangerous time to work. Making it home in one piece requires vigilance, nerves of steel, and a good-sized set of LED vehicle safety ...
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Syrma Designs RFID Solution for Bike-Sharing Program

As major cities increasingly explore green alternatives to urban gridlock and smog-creating carbon emissions, bike-sharing services, unmanned street corner kiosks holding smart bikes for temporary rental are rapidly gaining popularity, projected to become a $6B ...

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    Electronics Manufacturing in Tamil Nadu, India
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    RFID Prevents International Product Counterfeiting
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    Benefits of Using Cleanrooms for Electronics Manufacturing
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    RFID Tracks Elderly Dementia Patients in Residential Care
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